An online community and grasroots organization for those interested in the pursuit of equal justice for all. All who are interested in the establishment of "Civil Gideon" are urged to participate.

A project of Shawmut Education, Inc. a non profit organization that specializes in client centered design and capacity building by using its OSCAP Methodology

The Road to Enlightenment

Today, our rights are under attack. There has been a consistent upgrade in police powers. Even the Voting Rights Act is currently under attack by 35 states in our nation. The "Occupy Movement" demonstrates that more and more of our citizens feel disenfranchised and ruled by a small minority.

The time to take action is now. We simply cannot stand by and watch as our nation slips into an abyss brought on in part by partisan politics. Of course that is really a pleasant term to describe the gridlock we have witnessed of late.

So What is This About?